#21 Living Contently While Pursuing Exsellence

In the pursuit of exsellence, we often find ourselves feeling discontent with our current situation. But it shouldn’t be that way.

I decided to take a stab at working through some very practicals tips to help people find joy, and be content, with the life they currently have as they pursue the life they want.

4:00 – How do we pursue exsellence while living a content life?
5:15 – To be content, should you get rid of your fear?
6:30 – What I fear and how it fuels me.
9:45 – To be content, how must I view myself?
12:39 – To be content, what types of people must I rid myself of?
14:50 – To be content, where must I stop looking?
16:45 – To be content, what must I stop worrying about?
20:35 – To be content, what must I quit doing?

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