3 Ways to Make the Right Sale

If you have been following me long enough, you know that I believe there are right and wrong sales. The right ones fit neatly within your core competency to support your ideal client while generating a reasonable profit. The wrong ones have you doing things you shouldn’t with people you don’t need at little to no profit. Because we all want what is best for our business’ (and our sanity), I would like to share with you 3 ways to make the right sale.3WaystoMaketheRightSale

  1. Know what you do best: This sounds simple but the longer I am in the business world, the more I see people offering to do things they have no business getting involved in. Look deep inside yourself and your business to determine what you can offer that nobody else can. Selling what you do best will help you to make the right sale.
  2. Know who your ideal client is: I am sure everyone can use what you offer, but they aren’t all great for you. Narrow it down to a few select client types and then run them down. Selling to those who appreciate you the most will help you to make the right sale.
  3. Know your numbers: Most business owners and salespeople do not know how much profit they actually generate (your paycheck is most likely not your profitability indicator). You must know exactly what every product and service you offers costs. This includes materials, labor, business expenses, cost of customer acquisition, and more. Selling what makes the most profit will help you to make the right sale.

For some of you this may be business 101. But for others, these things aren’t easy. If you would like a little more help, I am going to offer a free training video to you. All you have to do is click the link below and fill out the simple response form. The point that receives the most response by Thursday at 5:00pm PST will be addressed in a 15 minutes video. It will then be distributed only to those who responded (regardless of the number you selected).

So the ball is in your court. Would you like to know more? Submit your response now by clicking the link below.

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