Amnesia is Killing Your Business


It’s no secret that we need to grow in order to succeed in business. The problem is that as we grow we develop amnesia. What do I mean by that? Let me share my story (quickly) of starting a business.

In late 2011, I started RJM Professional knowing that I a) needed to make money and b) had some skills necessary to do so. I had an idea of the services I was going to offer (though not completely clear as that came over time) and I had a target audience so I went for it. By went for it, I mean that I did everything I could to earn business. I called old clients, I cold-called new ones, I networked in various environments, and I talked to every stranger I could about what I was doing or wanted to do. But as time went on and I got busy, I did less of that. I started to recognize late last year that I wasn’t calling strangers much anymore and I wasn’t networking in new environments. I developed amnesia. This amnesia caused me to forget what got me here. How about you?

Let me offer a bit of advice if you are ready to grow another level in your business.

Set aside a full day to think about:

  1. Why you started your business.
  2. What you did in the beginning to attract customers.
  3. How you made your first sale, and your first big sale (if they are different).
  4. Why you don’t do what you used to do.
  5. What you need to reimplement the good things you used to do.


In the end, the goal is to overcome the amnesia and make some money. Whether you are successful or not right now, getting back to the basics is a great thing for every business pro.



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