Authentic Conversations 4

This Friday, April 10 at 11:00 am PST, I am going to hosting Authentic Conversations 4 over Zoom. In it, I will share with you the guaranteed ways to ruin your team as a leader as well as what I believe are far better ways to lead, including the convictions that:

1. Our purpose in our organizations is to become a great leader that serves our people and our customers (no title required).
2. We must have the ability to draw others into the direction we desire for our team/organization.
3. We need to have the passion to believe what we are doing is right and the ability to convince others of the same.
4. We must have a continued desire to model learning and growth amongst our team and organization.
5. We must possess the qualities of a great leader including character, credibility, communication, and stewardship.
6. We must build a legacy for our team, our organization, and the clients we serve.

Join us for a live presentation and Q&A!

Register here – Authentic Conversations 4

Miss the live broadcast? Watch the archive here – RJM YouTube Channel

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