Breaking Down the 9 Different Kinds of Wounds

Welcome back to Authentic Conversations, where we’re continuing the conversation on how an individual’s own hurt, heartache, tragedy, and struggle has shaped them as a person and allowed them to see themselves for who they were created to be. 

In this episode, I’m sharing some of the subject matter for my upcoming book, “Wounds”. Writing it was an exploration of the wounds that I have incurred over the course of my life and how those have impacted me, and I can’t wait to share the full story with you soon. For now, I’m breaking down the different kinds of wounds from our past that could be preventing us from performing our best today. 

I’ll get into:

  • 9 different kinds of wounds and how they happen
  • How we are ill-equipped to deal with devastation
  • How each wound can come up later in life and challenge us

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