Brightening Your Life with JC Cummings

JC Cummings is a leader in Human Resources and has made an impact on many large (and recognizable) organizations. But the impact she is making in bringing light to dark places in people’s lives is even greater.

JC was very transparent in sharing her upbringing in a home riddled with addiction and dysfunction, how she stood up to a powerful leader when he crossed the line with her, and how she is actively working to heal from her past and grow into her future.

This was a fantastic, authentic, conversation and one that I know many people will benefit from.

A few things that JC also mentioned:

Adriano Perez – Breathe Coach and Personal Trainer – https://instagram.com/showuporshutup
Leah Kalish- Family Constellations & Embodiment Process – https://instagram.com/leah_kalish
Mark Wolynn- author of “It Didnt Start With You” – https://instagram.com/markwolynn
Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton – https://youtu.be/82ShSNuru6c

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YouTube – Authentic Conversations Channel

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