As an employee benefits broker or industry sales partner, it is getting harder and harder to get in front of the right prospects. Even more challenging is differentiating yourself once you do!

Instead of fighting the spreadsheet war or throwing in another "free service", it's time to focus on Broker Exsellence™.  

Broker Exsellence is my passion to serve the benefits community through sales coaching, leadership development, and community engagement.

I help companies and individuals establish an authentic voice, communicate their brand, identify and pursue ideal prospects, convert opportunities, generate referrals, and build valuable relationships.

Achieve Exsellence by joining this exclusive group coaching opportunity.  


Each group is limited

What: Broker Exsellence™ Group Coaching  

When: March 2022

Cost: $2,478.00
*monthly payment options also available

During the 3-month coaching engagement, you will learn to:

  • Build and Communicate an Undeniable Personal Brand
  • Intentionally Prospect to Win
  • Command the Sales Process
  • Prepare for Anything with Professional Scripts and Dialogues
  • Control your Time
  • Sell on Social

*more than 10 tools and scripts will be yours to keep

This group is for you if...

  • You will commit to 8 hours a month of personal and professional development
  • You will commit to investing into others as you are being invested into
  • You have a new business revenue goal of at least $150,000
  • You have a growth mindset 

You deserve to achieve Broker Exsellence™

Here's how this is sure to help you!

The Right Mindset

Understand how to connect your head and heart to the outcomes you deserve.

Words Matter

Use language that allows others to see you as a value-creating industry expert.

Build the Process

Make sure you have a sales process guaranteed to close the right deals.

Peer Collaboration

Guided collaboration with your peers will provide real-life context and feedback for you.

Still not sure about me? Here's a bit of my story...

The short version of this story is that through crazy risks, deep heartaches, and immense support, the business I started with $500 to my name is now providing for a family of four in Orange County. I walk the talk I give to my clients. But many want to know more, so here goes.  

In November of 2011, my wife and I decided that it was time to start my own business. The problem was that we had $500 to our name and my wife stayed home with our then 9yo and 2yo daughters. But after much thought and prayer, we went for it anyway.  

By late 2013, I hit my stride. I was training groups of 5-500, I was consulting a couple of really cool companies, and a dozen or so individuals called me coach.  

In June of 2015, I was offered a wonderful opportunity to lead a client’s sales team (an employee benefits consulting firm). I went all-in to the world of healthcare and loved learning all the ways to make a difference.  

Life changed on October 1, 2017. You can read of my complete reflection here but the short version is that we lost a dear friend and were forever changed. That experience called into question a few things I hadn’t considered in quite some time. Was the professional life I was living aligned with what mattered most to me and what I felt called to?  

7 months later (May 2018), with a deep conviction, I walked into my boss’ office and resigned my role. And to be honest, much like the time I first started, I had very little to fall back on and nothing sure ahead. Thankfully, within days of making that news public, I was back doing the very thing I was called to do all along.  

  • I coach high performers (and aspiring ones too), helping them to achieve all that they want out of life and business.
  • I consult industry leaders, creating strategic sales and marketing plans, developing leaders, and ensuring great culture.
  • I host the Authentic Conversations podcast. 

So... are you ready?


Not ready for group coaching?
No problem.

Building a successful sales career requires a framework, so I have created one for you!

This playbook outlines everything you need to establish your brand, create your messaging, succeed with your prospecting, convert sales, and generate referrals!

** Get your FREE Broker Exsellence Sales Playbook HERE **