New Year. New Commitments to Fulfill.

In this episode of Exsellence Mindset podcast, I am sharing how Bob Burg’s 5 Laws of Success have guided my life, well before I even read his book.

I also talk about the role of how defining one’s value can help in fostering healthy relationships with different types of people.

01:21 – What is Value?
01:47 – My Commitment to Creating Value This Year
03:17 – Introduction to the Five Laws of Success of Bob Burg
03:39 – The Law of Value
04:08 – The Law of Compensation
04:24 – The Law of Influence
04:43 – The Law of Authenticity
05:04 – The Law of Receptivity
05:25 – Bob Burg’s Idea of Value
07:07 – Determining Your Assigned Value in the Relationship
11:00 – The Importance of Value
11:20 – Determining The Return You Get in A Relationship
14:42 – The Fear of Getting Advantaged
16:13 – Determining How to Put People’s Desires Before Yourself
19:44 – Offering Yourself As A Gift To Others
23:03 – Applying the Law of Receptivity in My Life
30:53 – Lessons Throughout The Years
34:04 – Best Quote in Bob Burg’s Go-Giver

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