This episode features the audio from a keynote I recently shared titled “Building a Brand that Sells Itself”.

While the audio is not to the quality I prefer, I believe the content and takeaways are worth listening to.

More on this keynote:
By creating a visible and consistent personal brand that demonstrates expertise while communicating a desire to offer value, you will draw your ideal clients to yourself. We must lean into who we are and what makes us great. Then and only then can we create a process to achieve the success we desire.

Through great tragedy, I was inspired to reflect on this very idea of who I had become professionally. I thought I had it dialed in before only to realize I had lost a sense of who I was, clouded by my past successes and failures. Thankfully, my commitment to learn and grow from that experience resulted in me becoming an industry influencer, gaining the respect of my peers and the eye of my ideal clients. And I want the same results for others!


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