Amanda Kroeker is the founder of Valley Vintage Soap Co., a small business offering natural products for the skin and hair. With sensitive skin, she and her family tried an endless variety of products to make it resemble “normal”. Many products caused breakouts (even laundry soaps). They wanted all natural products, but most they found listed some ingredients that were baffling (even some of the “organic” ones), or they were ridiculously out of their price range. Being the lover of handmade items, they set out to make their own. They loved knowing & being able to pronounce all the ingredients. They loved how their skin felt & looked. They loved it so much, they wanted to share. Thus, Valley Vintage Soap Co. was born and remains a small owner-operated family business.

I met Amanda after being blown away by their products (Delicious Beard balm for the win!) and reaching out to thank her for her great product and service. It didn’t take long for me to consider Amanda a great guest for the podcast.

In this episode, Amanda and I talk about going the extra mile in serving customers, never compromising even when it costs you, and powerlifting! Check it out and let me know what you think!

5:42 – The extra mile to serve customers
8:00 – Why Amanda started Valley Vintage
12:11 – Having goals in business
14:30 – Who and what influenced Amanda’s pursuit of success
15:30 – Values define what money can’t
18:00 – The temptation to compromise
20:25 – Dealing with mistakes the right way
28:25 – Taking pride in customer praise
33:45 – Protecting personal time as an entrepreneur
39:45 – Beard balm protects CrossFit hands
42:45 – An unassuming love for powerlifting

Connect with Amanda:
Email: valleyvintageshop@gmail.com
Instagram: @valleyvintagesoap

Connect with me:
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/rjmsalespro
Instagram – @millerryan78
Twitter @rjmsalespro
Web – https://ryanjamesmiller.com/

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