Managing a team can be challenging. Managing a young, growing team thousands of miles away and whose members are of a difficult culture is a totally different level altogether.

But Devon Higgins, VP of PhotoUp, did it smoothly. How? By providing opportunities for better lives and professional growth for young, creative, and talented people over in the Philippines. In this podcast, he explains how PhotoUp was able to bridge the cultural and language gap between two cultures through a genuine, mutual desire to help one another.

The PhotoUp team lives its core values every day, in and out of the office, through the amazing FRESH brand. Listen to the stunning story of how FRESH took off, which is now wholeheartedly embraced by the entire PhotoUp organization.

Devon also reiterates that businesses must focus on helping people realize their goals, and not just making bucks. Finally, he talks about the discipline of staying true to your organization’s integrity, vision, and purpose.

2:27 – Coaching soccer to youth teams
6:08 – Stepping into the world of PhotoUp
7:10 – Falling in love with the PhotoUp business, culture, and team
7:30 – Reducing brain drain: Giving better lives and providing opportunities for young, talented individuals in the Philippines
9:30 – The culture of PhotoUp drew Devon into the industry
10:40 – Figure out who you want to work with
12:50 – Building relationships is the most important thing in all aspects of business
17:00 – The fine art and challenges of connecting different cultures
18:00 – Local directors are empowered to help bridge the two different cultures
19:00 – Local directors sharing the company’s vision, learning, and experiences to the team
20:11 – The FRESH brand: Living the company’s core values
23:38 – Taking FRESH outside the office
26:05 – Building a fun, happy culture around FRESH
27:50 – Bringing a piece of Philippine PhotoUp culture to the US
30:15 – PhotoUp’s value proposition and purpose: Giving value to real estate photographers
32:10 – A glimpse into PhotoUp’s niche market
34:00 – It’s about supporting photographers and making their lives and business better
36:20 – Staying true to PhotoUp’s purpose, mission, vision, and integrity
41:10 – The man who made an impact
43:30 – Keep doing what you’re doing, go after it, and be okay with it

To get in touch with Devon and PhotoUp, use these contact details:

Email: devon@photoup.net
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/devon-higgins-34003423/
PhotoUp website: https://www.photoup.net/

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