What you wear speaks a lot about you.

Meet Dave Welch, a fashion analyst, chief image officer, and founder of b.spoke Clothing. Wanting to make the world a better place one better-dressed person at a time, he and his team make sure that clients get an awesome experience. His company is not just about selling great-looking garments.

In this episode of the Exscellence mindset, Dave provides insights on the importance of looking good so you’ll feel sure and confident about yourself in every situation. He explains their “product of your product” approach, which identifies the core advantage that the customer will be getting if he purchases your product. As an entrepreneur, Dave also emphasizes the importance of both genuine client and team interaction.

Finally, Dave shares awesome tips on men’s fashion and branding yourself through the clothes you wear.  

2:36 – How does b.spoke Clothing work?
5:55 – The Product of Your Product
9:15 – A Personal Story: How Dave Entered into the Custom Clothing Space
13:32 – The Change of Times
14:15 – Making the World a Better Place One Better-Dressed Man/Woman at a Time
15:30 – Why Cheap Isn’t Always a Good Option
16:46 – Make Your Product an Experience, Not Just a Commodity
21:49 – Of Connections, Self-Image, and Genuineness
25:55 – Why You Should Analyze Client Interaction and Situation
29:11 – Be Genuine With Your Team
32:41 – Take Ownership for Your Mistakes and Learn: It’s More Genuine
37:52 – Tips in Branding Yourself Through Your Wardrobe
44:36 – The Right Fit For You Is Everything
51:12 – The Evolution of “Bespoke”

To get in touch with Dave and b.spoke, use the following details:
Website: http://bspokestyle.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bspokestyle
Instagram Profile – @bspokestyle
Email: info@bspokestyle.com

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