If you’re a health practitioner, take no chances when it comes to your patient’s health. Don’t fall into the trap of believing incorrect inferences and using archaic methodologies.

Dr. Rhett Polka is the founder of TheOne80 system, a revolutionary, science-based evaluation and treatment method for physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, and the like. A professional physical therapist and expert in physiology, he gives us a peek into the physical therapy industry and how methodologies change over time.

Dr. Polka explains why people are addicted to quick fixes to improve their health. He warns that these should be avoided, opting that you work hard for good health. He also discusses the importance of identifying the root cause of patients’ physical ailments, not just treating the symptoms.

These and more on this episode of the Exsellence Mindset.

2:05 – Ditching the Conventional Model of Physical Therapy
2:50 – The Non-Traditional Way to the One80 System
5:18 – The Tipping Point
7:10 – Working Back Towards The Fundamental Goal of Physical Therapy
8:30 – Working on a Different Specific Mindset
9:15 – Going for the Root
11:10 – The Addiction and Error of Quick Fixes
12:30 – Relationship Between Physicians and Physical Therapists
14:05 – Falsehoods of Unprofessional Advice, Gaining Trust, and Word of Mouth
16:00 – Having a Team That Shares Your Standards and Mindset
17:15 – Incorrect Inferences vs Experiential, Well-Researched, and Factual Realizations
20:00 – Falling for Repackaged Old Concepts
21:00 – Faulty, Ineffective, and Dangerous Physical Therapy Techniques
24:36 – Self Replication: Growing, Expanding, and Managing One80’s Reach, Services, and Knowledge
28:55 – Managing Responsibilities
31:05 – Taking One80 to the Next Level
33:25 – Getting Into the One80 System
37:20 – Great Influencers Can Make a Difference

For more information about TheOne80 system, get in touch with Dr. Rhett Polka using the following contact details:
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Website: http:/theone80system.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theone80system

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