Many say that if you’re young, you have to spend eons to be successful. You have to lick the feet of great people to be successful yourself.

Not Fabio Marrama. At just 28 years old, he has become a successful LinkedIn strategist brand builder, a marketing and relationship specialist in First Ontario Credit Union, and a coach for entrepreneurs. He has been featured in top publications such as Social Media Examiner and Forbes. In 2017, he received a Top 40 Under 40 Award.

What’s his secret? A mindset of hard work, giving value to yourself and others, and a no-to-quitting attitude. In this podcast, Fabio shows us how to acquire that mindset. He talks about having an impact no matter who you are, how to view failure, the importance of setting good habits, and much more. Fabio also explains the great advantages of building your brand on LinkedIn.

Let’s listen to these insightful words of a young, successful achiever.

1:40 – Fabio’s Impressive Professional and Personal Achievements
3:30 – A Short Insight Into Ascentra Credit Union
4:30 – Of Being a LinkedIn Strategist
5:30 – A Journey in LinkedIn: Extracting and Giving Value to Self and Others
9:45 – Harnessing the Drive to be a Positive, Genuine Influencer
10:30 – Everyone Can have an Impact
11:55 – Failure: It’s a Test and a Part of Learning
13:30 – Fear Comes From Worrying About What Will People Think
15:10 – How Other People Negatively Mask Their Fears
17:16 – Just Ask: There are People Who Are Willing to Help
18:50 – Be Genuine and Help Others
19:48 – The Drive to Be Good at What You Do
25:00 – Schools Should Opportunities for Students to Learn and Mold Themselves
26:33 – Don’t Wait, Take Action, Take the Helm, and Grab the Opportunity
28:22 – Connecting To and Influencing People
31:00 – The Advantages of LinkedIn
34:30 – Of Experiencing Failure and Discovering and Pursuing Your Passion
37:52 – A Vision for the Future, Opening Up for the Unexpected
40:25 – Setting Goals is Good, but Setting the Right Habits Is More Important
44:35 – Set Priorities and Make Your Family a Strong Support System
48:30 – Greatest Fear: Being Not Able to Control Pride

To know more about Fabio and what he can do for you and your organization, use these details:
Website: https://www.fabiomarrama.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabiomarrama
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FabMarrama
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FabioMarrama
Email: contact@fabiomarrama.com

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