I was half-joking when I made the statement that this woman wears a lot of hats and likely runs her home better then you run your business. But once you give this episode a listen, you may think that statement isn’t too far from the truth.

Julee Huy is a full-time mom and wife (not to mention one of my dear friends). In this episode of the Exsellence Mindset, we discuss internet trolls, the value of mom’s in the office and in the home, balancing control and flexibility, loving oneself, and instilling discipline in the household.

Julee considers organizing and structuring her time as a crucial aspect of her life. Giving good structure to your personal life, family life, or business, gives you focus and direction. It encourages you to go for what you have always wanted.

6:15 – Creating Structure in Your Day or Life is Necessary
7:15 – Setting Goals and Priorities Within 30 Minute Time Blocks
7:50 – A Typical Day in the Life of a Mom with 10 Kids
10:22 – The Advantages of Organizing Your Day in Increments
11:37 – How Do You Know that Today was a Job Well Done
13:00 – Feel Free to Change Aspects of Your Structure
14:20 – How Julee Discovered the Passion for Structure
15:00 – Striking a Balance Between Structure and Free Rein
16:00 – No Structure or Discipline in Raising Children Can be Dangerous
17:20 – Dissecting the Concept of Stay-at-Home Moms
21:00 – The Biggest Accomplishment: Able to Influence Someone’s Life
23:00 – A Mom’s Thoughts: Where Do You Want to Be When Your Kids Have Grown to be Independent
24:30 – It’s Important to Pay Attention to Yourself
28:20 – Identifying, Marking, and Maintaining a Family Brand
32:00 – An Analogy: A Business and a Family
35:30 – Supporting, Encouraging, and Respecting Each Other
41:00 – Of Self Affirmation, Self Encouragement, and Setting an Example
43:00 – Trivial Accomplishments are Part of Big Victories
48:00 – Goals at 40 and Beyond and Looking Back Without Regrets
50:00 – Sometimes, You Gotta Say No
52:30 – Welcoming People Into Your Life
59:00 – Just Because It’s Chaotic Doesn’t Mean You Have to Live in Chaos
1:03:00 – You Don’t Have to Control Everything

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