Like many successful entrepreneurs, Aaron Zapata started out working for an agency. After 12 years of helping his employer build his business, he realized it was time to follow his own path to success. Using those 12 years of experience as pillars, he established his own real estate firm, Impact Properties.

Aaron, together with his team, does not just sell dream homes. Impact Properties also provides mentorship and training for real estate agents that strive to be the best.

In this podcast, Aaron shares his knowledge about the challenges of entrepreneurship. He talks about helping others, factors that make a great leader, hope and inspiration, and more. He provides surprising yet enlightening insights to the point that he discourages you from venturing into a business that you’re not passionate about. Finally, he explains the value of a reliable team and reasons why businessmen should have people to critic their actions.

Check out this episode of The Exsellence Mindset.

1:00 – Aaron’s Journey: From Agent to Impact Properties Founder
4:25 – Why Establishing A Business of Your Own is The Right Decision
6:21 – Proving to Oneself and Helping Others at the Same Time
8:52 – Handling Disapproval and Dislikes
10:05 – Don’t be Afraid to Decide
13:06 – The Role of Family in Business
22:20 – The Value of a Trusted and Devoted Team
24:42 – In Business, You are Either All In or You are Out
29:12 – Hope vs Inspiration
34:20 – The Need for a Mentor
35:55 – The Culture of Impact Properties
40:09 – Are You Competing With Other People or Yourself?
45:04 – If You’re a Leader, You Have to Grow and Get Better

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