Sean Kelley started out as a lifesaving firefighter. He has now found another noble calling. He wants to help people acquire their dream homes. Answering to the call, Sean became a mortgage professional to help people achieve the American Dream.

In this podcast, Sean shares important insights about being a businessman. He gives emphasis on identifying priorities and parameters to organize how you run your business. Sean also mentions other important aspects such as patience, re-evaluation, and sharing knowledge to attain happiness and success.

2:55 – Entry into the Mortgage Industry
4:30 – Accountability to Oneself
6:20 – Discipline is all about Setting Priorities and Parameters
8:46 – The Five Fs
10:00 – The Role of Friends and Other People in Your Own Happiness and Motivation
15:00 – Mastering Patience is an Important Key to Success in Life and Business
18:00 – The Illusion of Money and Instant Gratification
23:20 – Passing Your Knowledge Forward
26:00 – Evaluating Risk and Worth
30:45 – Greatest Fear
35:28 – The Role of a Supportive Wife
39:22 – When Everything Fails, Re-evaluate
42:05 – The Joy and Value of Learning

Sean can be found online by visiting:
Website – http://www.cacoastalloans.com/sean-kelley
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/california-coastal-loans/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/CAcoastalloans
Email – sean@cacoastalloans.com

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