Jenn Kennedy believes that when your business is driven by impact, your income will grow as your impact does. I appreciate this statement so much because we often hear things like “put it out there and it will come back” and yet, Jenn’s statement is much more meaningful, and practical, than that.

In this episode of Authentic Conversations, Jenn shares a few of her most impactful moments, including the decision to abandon her early vision of becoming a school principal as well as the desire to leave a lucrative coaching career in the health and wellness space. She launched her Impact to Income Academy at the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown and hasn’t looked back. Her passion, and gift to others, is helping entrepreneurs to grow their impact and scale their income as a result. 

I learned so much in this episode and am confident you will too. Give it a listen, share it with someone that you think would value it, and then go connect with Jenn.

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Instagram – @thejennkeneddy

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