Stacy Ennis is a well-accomplished author, writer, and consultant. She co-founded Next Level Women’s Leaders and spoke of the TEDx stage on “How to Raise Brave Kids”.

In this episode of the Exsellence Mindset podcast, Stacy and I speak about many things including her best-selling book, Growing Influence, and what I found to be so fascinating about it, the gender gap and bias in business today, stay-at-home-dads, and the importance of good conversations to better understand someone else’s struggles.

I hope you enjoy this episode and feel free to contact me with any feedback you have!

5:37 – Why another book on influence?
9:55 – Telling stories to teach business principles
14:44 – Did you intend to challenge gender bias?
16:02 – Something women can relate to and men can gain perspective on.
20:37 – Co-founding Next Level Women’s Leaders
26:36 – Is our fight against bias causing other bias?
29:15 – Things that lead us to change our perspective
34:01- Sometimes it’s hard to understand someone else’s struggle
36:49 – Becoming aware of others
40:44 – Those that lash out are often experiencing deep hurt themselves
41:49 – The mindset that contributes to gender and race issues
46:09 – Stay at home parents

Contact Stacy Ennis:
Email – stacylynnennis@gmail.com
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/stacylynn
Stacy’s TEDx Talk “How to Raise Brave Kids”

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