By mid-June 2020, the United States was being further and further divided over issues of race and health concerns. These two severe issues were compounded an already significant problem driven by division over politics (amongst other things). I decided it was time to use my platform to share my voice on these issues.

This episode of Authentic Conversations was taken from an AC Live I recorded on June 12, 2020. In it, I not only share my views on those issues above, but I share my own personal challenges with forgiveness and reconciliation that have spanned my entire adult life. I have been hurt and I have hurt others. And I was brought to the point where I needed to resolve the issues in my own heart before I could ever make a positive impact on someone else’s.

Please take the time to listen to my heart on these issues and share it with others. I believe my thoughts are worth considering and the topic is something we must continue to speak on and make a positive change for.

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