Hannah Moyer is the Head of Paid Media for Blue Light Media and hosts a successful podcast called Candidly Caffeinated. She is a recent transplant to California from Nashville (who leaves Nashville?) though originally from Philly. 

While Hannah and I had a lot to talk about, a large majority of our time was spent discussing chronic illness, food sensitivity, and a need for personal responsibility in our healthcare. At the age of 13, Hannah began to experience some health issues related to food sensitivity that quickly grew into what seemed near uncontrollable. While some doctors were as helpful as they could be, much of the traditional health system was not helpful in her addressing the root cause of her issues. She began eliminating foods and exploring nutritional supplements (along with prescribed medication). She was officially diagnosed with Hashimoto disease (among other issues) in 2015. 

Even after being diagnosed, her traditional healthcare providers were not much help. She determined the Paleo diet was best for her, started following healthcare innovators like Chris Kresser, did some testing including the DUTCH test, a saliva test, and various blood tests, and ended up engaging a local Functional Medicine Doctor in Lake Forest, CA by the name of Dr. Nick Deliberato.

I believe a story like Hannah’s is critical for us all to listen to. But as we talked, we made sure to remind people over and over again that what’s good for one is not good for all. Your body is unique. If you are experiencing health issues, you need to seek out experts that will create a plan specific to you. 

We are not doctors, nor do we claim to be. We are speaking from personal experience and opinion only.

Other topics we discussed:

Links to episode mentions
Chris Kresser – Founder of the Kresser Institute
Dr Nick Deliberato – Functional Medicine Doctor
Viome – Gut testing
Dr Michael Ruscio – author of “Healthy Gut Healthy You”
Article – The Silent Truth: Restrictive Diets and Disordered Eating

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