I was sitting with a friend that shared this crazy story of one of his clients climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The more he shared, the more I realized how much I wanted to hear the story from her. And doing so on this podcast seemed like a fitting context

Heather Falcone is the CEO of Thermal-Vac Technology, Southern California’s premier brazing, heat-treating, and finishing facility. They work with some of the Aviation and Aerospace industry’s most recognized brands including NASA, Aerojet Rocketdyne, and Space-X.

It took all of about two minutes into our conversation for me to love listening to Heather share her story. She opened up about growing up in a family business and eventually taking the reigns, her crazy reaction to being challenged to do an Ironman while she was overweight and out of shape, the horrific cancer diagnosis that could have ended her life, processing through her treatment with (and without) her family and friends, and her journey up Mount Kilimanjaro. 

You will be deeply impacted as you hear Heather tell her story of fighting for her life, finally giving in to life-saving help, and why climaxing the mountain wasn’t the victory she celebrated when she was done. Her journey to this point and what she’s taken away are things we will all resonate with deeply, whether we are climbing an actual mountain or experiencing an uphill battle that we can’t wait to overcome.

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