Confusion, Chaos, and Division in Our Society Today

This week, we’re pivoting the conversation to the fracture we have in our nation today. It seems there is division in everything our society does these days, and people are charged to fight for their side no matter what, causing confusion and chaos. 

For this conversation, I’m joined by Peter Montoya, a keynote speaker, personal branding specialist, and best-selling author with some amazing insight into what he calls the “Second Civil War.” 

We dive into:

  • Finding your tribe without becoming tribal
  • Getting back to independent thinking
  • Why we make enemies out of those who disagree with us
  • Understanding other’s points of view and intentions
  • How to heal a fractured nation

Connect with Peter:

Website – https://petermontoya.com/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/petermontoya/ 

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