Did You Ask Your Client Why?

When you enter your first sales job, I think you should be issued a “no deflection unit”. A what? Ya, just what I said. We hear the word “NO” more times than anyone should have to be comfortable with. It’s unfortunate someone hasn’t invented armor to protect our egos along the way. 

But as seasoned sales professionals, we begin learning how to take he “no’s”. We become desensitized to them. And unfortunately, because we get so used to hearing them, I think we end up missing a key opportunity. An opportunity in a “no”? DEFINITELY!

The next time you receive that “no”, ask “WHY”?

  1. Why won’t you let me schedule a time to come in and show you all my business has to offer?
  2. Why won’t you move forward on the proposal I submitted?
  3. Why did I lose out on this bid?
  4. Why do you feel I am not a good fit for your business?

They need to be done in a respectful and professional way, but when we ask “WHY” I think then and only then will we truly start to realize what it will take to get out business to the next level.

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