Do You See What I See – Client A

Over the course of my day/week/month, I have experiences with men and women from businesses of all shapes and sizes.

They may be clients, colleagues, prospects, or strangers. More often than not, there is a good takeaway from every one of these experiences. Sometimes, it is something I can do to improve myself and other times it is applicable to the other party. I have decided to share some of the stories of client experiences I have. Some may be from passing conversations while others may be from coaching or consulting sessions. I will be changing names for privacy purposes but I hope that sharing these experiences will bless others the way they are blessing me and my clients.




Client A

Client A is a solopreneur who delivers outstanding services and products to his clients. My experience started off at a networking event where during his business overview presentation, I immediately noticed a lack of confidence. Knowing him better now, I realize some of it was humility (a dying but necessary trait) but there was also a hesitancy to stand and declare his phenomenal deliverables.

As time has gone on and our relationship moved from stranger to client, I have further discovered his amazing work and lack of confidence in it. He doesn’t think he “measures up” to others out there. And I agree, he doesn’t “measure up” because he blows most of his competitors away! I have seen hundreds of businesses just like his in the local market and most have no clue how to do what he does.

This lack of self confidence is holding him back from being one of the best in his business. I am thankful he hired me because I see what he does not. I am able to point it out and use it to encourage him and market to his clients in a whole new way. By demonstrating greatness (not cockiness) his prospects and clients will see more value in his work.

This will:

  1. Create a more deliberate buying process (more value=more urgency)
  2. Generate more “yes” decisions (more value=more solved problems)
  3. Attract higher paying clients (more value=more attraction)
  4. Get his current clients to pay more (more value=more money)
  5. Increase his self confidence (more self confidence=more self confidence)

Does this resonate with you? Are you lacking confidence in your own ability? Whether you have reason or not to lack confidence in what you do, by correcting this you will begin to see your business grow in great ways.

My encouragement to you is to not put off until tomorrow what YOU CAN start today.

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