Enough is Enough

Every person reading this post is probably overwhelmed with something right now (maybe lots of things). We don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. The emails keep coming in and the tasks continue getting assigned. So how will we ever get caught up? What if I told you that you never will. Are you ok with that? You need to be!

If you are always looking at what you have in front of you, you will create a level of stress that just isn’t manageable. This exercise was shared with me recently and I share it with you.

Put your tasks into 3 categories: Do it, delegate it, dump it

  1. If it goes in the “Do it“, list them in order of importance and start attacking them one by one. Get down to business and quit being distracted by the nonsense of the day.
  2. If it goes in the “Delegate it“, find someone who can do it better, quicker, or easier and let them have it. Too often we take on everything and have no chance of doing it all. Instead, utilize the great team of people all around you to help. Trust me, there is someone on your team that has the time!
  3. If it goes in the “Dump it“, erase the thought from your head. We have so many to-do’s that are completely worthless. Just let them go!

Sales people, this whole process is easiest applied to you.

If it generates revenue, Do it. You can never have too many REVENUE GENERATING activities. If it needs to get done but doesn’t generate revenue, Delegate it to an assistant, your production team or your accounting department. If it doesn’t generate revenue (a good prospect or client), Dump it. Quit chasing dead leads and spending too much time being friends with existing clients.

If you need help in this area, LET’S TALK. We can have you on the right track in no time!

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