Exsellence – How to Navigate Life and Work

I am often asked how I work towards exsellence* in my life. Honestly, working towards exsellence requires a layered approach. It must include where you are going and how you will get there. “Where you are going” is described as personal leadership (what the right things are) while “how you will get there” is described as personal management (putting things into practice).

Here is how I break those areas down:

Personal leadership (working from high view to ground level)

  • Mission and values: A personal mission statement.
  • Vision (or life goal): Your overarching life calling or goal.
  • Long-term goals: Specific, measurable goals that include micro-goals and check-ins.
  • Roles: The specific everyday callings of your life.

Personal management

  • Projects: What you are working on.
  • Next actions and calendar
  • Contacts, checklists, journals, files

What do you think? Are these the things you pursue/focus on?


*Everything in business is about selling, thus we use the term ex-sell-ence.

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