Exsellence in Emotional Intelligence

By nature, humans are emotional creatures. Even in business, it is impossible to take emotion out of the equation. How you manage your emotions can make or break your professional growth.

Kris Macchiarola is an emotional intelligence (EQ) champion who specializes in creating business cultures where team members feel engaged, energized, and motivated. She is a professional coach who focuses in bringing the human factor in an otherwise supposedly emotionless business environment.

In this episode of the Exsellence Mindset, Kris discusses the role of emotions in the workplace. She talks about the importance of EQ and IQ and how these affect personal and professional growth as well as overall business culture. Kris also explains how the human mind works, how to manage emotions constructively, and how to set goals.

2:55 – Who is Kris Macchiarola personally and professionally
3:49 – Separating Emotions in Business is Impossible
6:09 – How Kris Championed Emotional Intelligence and Quotient
7:00 – Top Performers and their Emotional and Social Skills
10:44 – Real Hindrances to the Application of Psychology to Professional Development
12:40 – Financial Incentives Relating to EI and EQ
14:49 – How Our Brains are Wired for Safety, Security, and Survival
16:53 – Seeing Your Blind Spots through Other People’s Honest Feedback
18:55 – Triggers to Emotion: A Tale of Two Daughters
23:35 – What Happens When We Assume Bad Intentions
25:43 – Planning Your Conversation: Reducing Emotional Response
27:32 – Definition of Success and How Do You Measure It
31:17 – Kris’s Contract With Herself
32:45 – “It’s maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”
34:00 – Ripping and Burning Out What’s Not Needed In Your Personal Unwritten Rulebook
36:47 – The Importance of Writing It Down
40:09 – The Disparity Between Inner Truth and the Way You Want to Project
42:14 – The Imposter Syndrome
43:54 – Using Fear, Trusting Others, Being Optimistic, and Grabbing Opportunities
47:55 – Go Ahead and Invest in Your Dreams and Passions
48:40 – Hard Work, Success, and How to Handle Success

To get in touch with Kris, use the following contact details:
Website: https://kmaccsolutions.com/
Email: kris@kmaccsolutions.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedincom/in/kris-macchiarol
Instagram: @kris_macc18

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