Exsellence in Marketing Acceleration

Ubiquitous yet mysterious. Simple yet complicated. Such are the mysteries of sales and marketing, the primary driving force of a business’s survival and growth.

In this podcast, entrepreneur Dennis Carlson shares his thoughts about the intricacies of sales and marketing. Being in the insurance and employee benefit industries, Dennis delves deeper into about the disconnect between sales and marketing, measuring success, pride of knowledge, and more. His insights are surely valuable eye-openers for those salesmen and marketers.

3:00 – Dennis’s Responsibility and Agency Leverage
5:15 – The Benefits and Passion of Human Relationship in the Employee Benefits Industry
9:47 – Pride and Pleasure of Having Special Knowledge
14:56 – Explaining the Disconnect Between Marketing and Sales
19:56 – Apathy as an Obstacle in Sales
22:02 – The Quality of Family Life as a Measure of Success in Business
30:26 – Show Up, Commit, and Be Passionate
36:00 – Establish a Business that You’re Passionate About
41:35 – Dennis’s Dad as a Figure of Influence and Inspiration
45:30 – Fear of Unrelentless Growth
48:54 – Just Do Something About It
51:12 – “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” by Ben Horowitz

You can check out Dennis using the following links:
LinkedIn Profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/denniscarlson/
Email: dc@agencyleverage.com

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