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Your success or failure in life or business depends on how you perceive yourself. Dr. Natalia Wiechowski is an internationally known keynote speaker who specializes in personal branding. She is also a LinkedIn marketing strategist. Dr. Natalia believes that how you view, treat, and regard yourself permeates all aspects of your personal life, career, or business.

Join us in this episode of the Exsellence Mindset as Dr. Natalia highlights the importance of digging deep in knowing who you are. She wants people to define their long-term goals, reinvent themselves for the better, and adapt to change. Be sure to listen to one of the most poignant points in this podcast about the ideal attitude towards change, which is a painful, messy, and uncertain process.

2:00 – Who is Dr. Natalia Wiechowski?
5:28 – The Birth of an Inspiration to Help Others
6:39 – Being Great at What You Do Doesn’t Always Translate to Success
7:15 – Success and Rewards Depends on How You Brand Yourself
9:04 – Know Your Why, Define Your Long-Term Goal
9:50 – Do You Know Who You Really Are?
11:37 – The Need to Harmonize With The Person You’re Helping
12:21 – Reinventing Yourself
18:37 – Changing Your Approach to People and Organizations
22:41 – Taking on Challenges, Doubts, and Fears with a Positive Mindset
29:15 – Surrender to the Certainty that You Can Do It
31:30 – Failure is an Opportunity to Learn and Grow
34:16 – Pain Prompts Change, and Change is Painful
37:20 – Don’t Judge Yourself. Just Let Go
41:05 – Being Open to Other Options, Reasons, and Interpretations
42:50 – What People Think: Should You Care?
46:50 – Natalia’s Goal of Writing Books
47:55 – Greatest Regret: Trying to be Everyone’s Darling
48:29 – Greatest Fear: Getting Out of the Comfort Zone so You Can Go Somewhere

To learn more about personal branding, get in touch with Dr. Natalia Wiechowski using the following contact details:
Email – action@thinknatalia.com
LinkedIn Profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/nataliawiechowski/

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