Exsellence in Running a Business and Telling Stories

John Welches, President of Red Mallard, is a story teller, content marketer, and all around amazing guy.

In this episode of the podcast John shares his experience in starting a business after leaving his job, asking for help from friends and family early on, differentiating in a noisy marketing world, and ultimately pursuing exsellence in all he has been creating to be.

03:45 – Why he left his full time marketing gig and started his own agency.

08:00 – When friends and family are all we have in business.

10:00 – The $500 website experiment.

11:45 – The definition of exsellence.

14:20 – (Enough) confidence comes before success.

18:30 – Why John considers himself successful.

22:10 – A big statement…”what else would I do.”

26:00 – Greatest failure or regret (and should we be smoking a pipe right now).

30:05 – How can you be so confident that what you are doing is what you’re supposed to do.

37:40 – What would you tell your 20yo self.

A big thanks to John Welches with Red Mallard. You can find John below:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnwelches/

Website – http://redmallard.com/

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