Five To Stay Away From

push-out-e1346347098801If you are making any one of these mistakes below, you are pushing your customers right back out the door. The good news is that if you are reading this, you still have time to correct them.

  • Do you sell with IMPATIENCE? The best sales people and the best sales deals take time. The more you rush, the greater the possibility of mistakes and if you have ever made a mistake (insert laugh), you know how that goes.
  • Is your business SELFISH? This is a trait that is so easy for customers to detect. You can swear that you have their best interest at heart but when the time comes, the truth always comes out.
  • Are you DECEITFUL? Just as I mentioned above, if you lie, you will be outted. If you care about your clients and care about being around a long time, you will be honest…even in the most minor of situations.
  • How INCONSISTENT is your delivery? In today’s business climate, it is more important than ever to deliver on your promises. This is because if you mess up even just once and do not have a honest (see #3) reason why, there are ten more companies waiting in line to serve your client.
  • Have you been ENVIOUS? Envy is what causes business to chase their competition around, doing exactly what the other does. How does that make you any different? All of your amazing business ideas and unique values that got you going have been thrown out the window.

If you are struggling in any of those areas, it is time to ask for help. There are plenty of people ready to walk you through a new strategy. Don’t be SELF-ABSORBED, we can all use help!

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