Get It Together or Get Out!

GetItTogetherBusiness professionals, it’s time that you get it together or get out. I see too many business owners and salespeople that are all over the place. Their business (segments or the whole thing) is disorganized and often their life is too. Getting things done takes an act of God. If you can’t get a handle on yourself you need to question your ability (and effectiveness) to lead others or be a prominent influence in your industry.

Here are a few practical tips so please examine yourself carefully.

  1. Whatever you offer your clients, you must be doing or using yourself (if you’re able). It drives me nuts to see people pushing things on others that they don’t believe in or aren’t doing. Be the best at what you do. Buy into your products and services. be the ultimate professional.
  2. Present yourself in a way that is both personal AND professional. If you want people to believe in and trust you it’s important that you be yourself unless that self doesn’t fit well with your audience. In that case, be an honest yet modified version of yourself. Rubbing someone the wrong way is an easy (and unwise) way to lose out.
  3. You can’t run a business effectively with 50,000 emails in your inbox. I challenge that you can’t even do it with a couple hundred. You’ve got to delete the junk and clean that thing up. Create folders and get organized. You may be missing out on really important emails.
  4. Fulfill your commitments. Whether it is with an employee, a partner, a vendor, or a client, follow through on what you say. If you find yourself regularly missing the mark, rethink your level or frequency of commitment. You may be in over your head.
  5. Be honest in admitting your weaknesses. This will allow others to come alongside and support you. It will also provide limits for your colleagues and clients. Nobody has super powers so be comfortable in your competencies. If you want to grow, seek avenues for growth.

So there you have it. 5 ways to help you get it together (or get out). I don’t want to see you get out. I want to see each of you get it together and be successful. Just be honest and press forward.

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