Have You Been Fasting?

17296837_sFasting is typically known as a willing act of abstinence from certain or all foods, liquids, or both. As a Christian, this word and practice is familiar to me though I do not practice it very well. If you know me, you know I love food (junk food especially). This makes fasting extremely difficult, even if for a single day. But for the right reasons, a fast is a great way to focus. Unfortunately for us in business, especially entrepreneurs and even sales people in general, fasting occurs often and without good reason.

When was the last time you picked up the phone and called a prospect? Seriously, when was the last time you called out to try and earn business from someone you did not know? As entrepreneurs we need to be regularly calling out in order to make sales, earn income, and grow our businesses yet we would rather sit back and will it to. I am not sure about you, but as strong as my will is (trust me, it’s strong), it doesn’t attract customers to my business. In order for me to close business I need to be actively seeking out prospects. It takes A LOT of effort on my part.

Below I would like to share you with some practical ways in which you can break your fast and get back into the habit of feeding your business instead of starving it.

  1. Identify the types of clients you are looking to sell to. If you don’t know who you should be calling, you won’t be able to call (simple right?).
  2. Ask yourself where you are most gifted in communication. Some of us are great in-person communicators. Use that to your advantage and go find out where your prospects hang out. This could be a networking spot, a social hangout, or their office. Others of us are great on the phone. Pick it up and give them the best call they have ever experienced. Use email (direct/newsletter/etc) and social media as last options. Not that these are bad options, but they are easiest to attempt and least effective in today’s environment of electronic noise everywhere.
  3. Have something to say. Have a great host of reasons as to why you would be great for them. They probably have many choices, so learn enough about them and their business that when you speak to them, you sound more interesting than the others.
  4. Make a habit of prospecting. This can be a two hour window each work day in which you set aside time to research and reach out to prospects. Or it may be a once per week occurrence where the majority of your day is spent getting after it. Regardless of your schedule, get a schedule and stick to it.
  5. Seek out some accountability. Just like fasting from food, fasting from prospecting can be hidden very easily. Find someone or a group that will support your efforts, help you stay on top of them, and work with you to grow in this area.

Fasting for the wrong reasons is a path for starvation and eventually death. Fasting for the right reasons is an awesome opportunity to focus your heart and your mind on something of great importance.

Will you choose life or will you choose death?

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