How Are You Doing on Time?

Time is so valuable. And it’s something we often think about. Specifically, we think about how we are spending our time. Often we commit to getting more done, spending more time with people, or simply not wasting the time we have.

As you are more focused on time, I wanted to offer you some encouragement to keep at it and make the most of it:

Failure is inevitable. There will be days that we just cannot get everything done. It’s at those times that we realize that we are fallible (surprise surprise) and that we can continue to grow in planning our time appropriately.

You’re not the savior. I find myself trying to do a TON of stuff because I feel like I need to. The truth is, nobody’s life depends on me solely (that’s what God is for). I may play a key role in specific areas of a person’s business or personal life, but if I say “no” to a request, it will most likely get completed by someone else.

Quit being lazy. Don’t take the above statement as a license to be lazy. If you took that as a way to just have other people do your work, you have other problems much more serious than time management. Get after every task with all you have to offer. Build enough into your day to keep you on your toes. If you put the right amount of focus on your efforts, they will get done more efficiently.

Play nice with others. Find other people to do some of your tasks. Again, this isn’t a way to get you out of doing work. This is a way to get your work done more efficiently, and hopefully you will be more productive as well. Michael Hyatt, a well-respected author and speaker, recently posted in a blog that you are should outsource the things you don’t like. I agree with him and would add: outsource the things you aren’t good at. It’s ok to admit either one.

Over the years I’ve invested significantly to improve in this area and I’d be happy to share some of the resources and tips I’ve adopted. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to chat.

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