How to Create a Stronger Foundation for Your Life

It doesn’t take an architect to understand a house with a flimsy foundation won’t stand. Without proper groundwork, a house can’t uphold against storms or winds, and will crumble at the slightest provocation. If we build on a solid foundation, our house won’t fall even in the midst of disaster. When we build the foundation for our life with the same principle in mind, we can withstand the trials and hardships life brings… because our values and vision for our life are solid.

Despite the obvious consequences, I still see so many people struggling because they won’t do the work to build a solid foundation for their life. They look sturdy and put together on the outside, but they haven’t done the work internally. When you don’t know what you stand for or the foundation of your mission, you’re setting yourself up for failure. 

You can’t successfully pursue your mission or vision without a strong foundation of values. You have a choice to continue walking through life blindly or to put in the work to have the life you’ve always wanted. Trying to achieve a goal without establishing your core values is like trying to drive cross country without directions: you’ll get lost. This puts you in a vulnerable position when you’re faced with challenges or decisions that could run your life off-course. 

Why Should You Build on the Rock? 

Without defining your mission, vision, or values, you’re susceptible to anything and everything life throws your way. Without knowing your foundation, you won’t be able to stand your ground during uncertainty or hardship. This will leave you feeling uncontent, unfulfilled, and miserable… and only YOU can change that. 

There’s no satisfaction when you reach a milestone if there’s nothing driving your achievement. Hard work and perseverance pay off when we’re finally able to see the fruit of our labor. However, unless we sow the right seeds, we never get to reap the benefits of our hard work. Stop wasting your time watering dead grass, and start planting better seeds for your life!

By choosing to not build a strong foundation, you’re giving up your freedom to having a fulfilling, abundant, and righteous life. It might feel like a small loss now, but you’ll come to find it’s costing you your happiness, too. If you’re ready to stop walking around aimlessly and take your life back, I’m going to tell you how. 

By making this choice, you’ll find more confidence and peace in the life you’ve established. You won’t have to constantly deal with the residue of things falling apart because you left cracks in the walls or gaps on the floor. You’ll feel stable and secure in the foundation you’ve built because you did the work to create a hedge of protection in your life. 

How Can You Build A Stronger Foundation? 

  1. Clarify Your Values

Start by asking yourself who you are, and what’s most important to you in your life. You can use that as a guide for all other areas of your life. Gaining clarity on what drives your mission is the first step to taking ownership of your life. 

By choosing not to set your priorities, you’re giving up your authority and choosing not to use your rightful power. Use it! Remind yourself that you were placed on this earth for a purpose, and you’re doing yourself and your loved ones a disservice by not serving that role. Once you’ve established what’s important to you, redirect your energy and create habits that support those roles. Creating a clear vision will help you build a solid foundation for your life. 

  1. Phone a Friend

Next, ask three people in your life what they think you’re good at. One prime mistake people make is charging towards the wrong goal. Once you stop trying to make a mission out of things you aren’t good at, you have endless possibilities to find success in things you’re actually called to do. Often, those closest to us can see the impact we make better than we can. Get insight from those around you, and use that to craft your mission. 

  1. Determine What Worked Before

Accomplishing significant achievements creates inspiration for the future. Nothing fuels drive like winning, so look at your past wins and how they impacted you. Ask yourself, “What is my most significant achievement so far?” Odds are, you’re proud of something you’ve done in your life. If not, this is a great starting point to motivate you to do better. Look at the events in your life that have fueled your passion, and use those as a guide towards your mission. 

Stop chasing a mile marker with no purpose behind it. You were made for greatness, but you can’t achieve greatness without preparation and hard work. Define your mission and values, and use that vision to build a stronghold!

This foundation is key to everything we will do, and pursue, in life.

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