How to Work Through Depression and Mental Health Stigma with Donald Bialkowski

Welcome back to Authentic Conversations, where we’re continuing the conversation on how an individual’s own hurt, heartache, tragedy, and struggle has shaped them as a person and allowed them to see themselves for who they were created to be. 

In this episode, I’m joined by Donald Bialkowski, a psychotherapist and coach whose passion is to work with men in midlife and teach them how to get unstuck and live their best life. Having struggled with depression, substance abuse, and harmful stigmas around men and mental health, Donald’s story is striking and inspiring, and a lot of us can learn from the messages he has to share. 

We’ll get into:

  • Masking your problems with self-medicating behaviors
  • How men are socialized to have smaller emotional vocabularies
  • Expectations of men when it comes to mental health
  • Leading an open and honest household by example
  • Working through realizing your suppressed emotions
  • The importance of support from your family or partner

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