Is This It?: How to Stop Living Aimlessly and Start Walking in Your Purpose

Do you feel like you’re constantly at war with your personal and professional life? Do you feel like you live out of two different identities… or maybe you’re not living at all? Do you feel like your day-to-day habits aren’t bringing you closer to your goals? If any of those set off a lightbulb in your head, you may be out of line with your purpose

Many people think that “having a job” is their purpose. They don’t realize that there’s more out there for them than sleeping, eating, going to work, coming home, and starting all over the next day. Those things ARE part of life but they AREN’T your purpose. You were made for more than just surviving, you were meant to THRIVE. 

Thriving looks different for everyone, but everyone has a purpose… Including you! One common misconception is that having a “purpose” means you have to change the world in a large and recountable way. This is false! Your purpose doesn’t have to be saving the galaxy or finding the cure for cancer. In fact, in most cases it isn’t. Your purpose is what makes you feel fulfilled, happy, and reflects the legacy you want to leave to the world. 

Everyone’s purpose is important. Many people get deterred by the idea of finding their purpose because it sounds daunting and scary, but it isn’t! Your purpose will bring you closer to the life you want to live. If you’re tired of feeling detached, aimless, and empty, it’s time to start living in your purpose! 

What Does it Look Like to Live in Your Purpose? 

You know that feeling you get when you finally get out in nature and feel more centered? Or that feeling of accomplishment after a really good workout? Or maybe that feeling of satisfaction you get after spending hours in the workshop? That feeling is a reflection of your purpose

Finding things that fill your cup and leave you feeling rejuvenated is the first step to finding your purpose. Your purpose should leave you feeling accomplished, fulfilled, and inspired. Living in your purpose isn’t always easy, but it’s always rewarding! Choosing to pursue goals and habits that align with your purpose will bring you closer to the life your heart desires. 

Why Live in Your Purpose? 

When you’re living outside of your purpose, life feels more confusing and overwhelming than it’s supposed to be. It causes you to miss out on opportunities. It  brings feelings of doubt and lack of self-worth, and can even keep you from pursuing your goals. The more choices you make outside of your purpose, the further you get from the life you desire. 

Living outside of your purpose costs you your happiness. Whatever keeps you from making choices in line with your goals—your family, your friends, the fear of failure, your corporate job, your spouse—STOP listening to them. When it’s all said and done, this life is YOURS, and you only have one. So stop making choices to make everyone else happy, and start making YOU happy. 

How Can You Live in Your Purpose? 

Take a close look at the life you live right now. Are you happy? Do you feel satisfied, accomplished, and centered? Do you dread going to work? Do you wish you were doing something else? If you don’t find fulfillment in your current work, you may be putting energy into someone else’s purpose. Look at your professional role, and identify whether it’s a job or a career. If it feels fleeting and you’re not excited to pursue this role, it’s a job. 

When we look at our roles this way, we’re able to see whether or not we’re truly following our passions. While transitioning into a new role can be scary, remember that you’re not only doing yourself a disservice by staying in a job you don’t want, but you take away someone else’s opportunity to pursue their purpose. 

Even if you’re following your passion, being in the wrong environment can provoke the same feelings of directionlessness. Create a list of your personal values, along with your company’s values. Identify whether or not those values align. This will help you pinpoint whether or not your profession contributes to or drains your passion. 

If your professional life is taking over your personal life, it might be time for a change. Take an honest look, and ask, “Does my professional life contribute or compete with my personal fulfillment?” If your job is leaving you feeling exhausted, overstimulated, and unable to attend to anything else by the end of the day, you may need to create stronger boundaries. 

Examining your professional and personal life will help you find balance in your life. Even if you are in line with your purpose, neglecting your personal relationships, health, and home life can result in burnout and fatigue. 

It’s important to find balance in all areas of life. Without taking inventory of where we’re going and where we want to be, we leave ourselves in a position of purposeless progress. You don’t want to find yourself in the same place 20 years down the road wondering what you should have done differently. Take accountability now, and start walking in your purpose!

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