Living a Fully Optimized Life with Jay Campbell

Jay Campbell is a 3X International best-selling author, Hormone Optimization Expert, Founder of, host of TRT Revolution Podcast and co-founder of He has successfully used testosterone optimization therapy having spent 18 years as a patient after suffering a sports injury when he was 29-years-old. Campbell has written three books on testosterone and his latest release The TOT Bible: The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible: The Ultimate Guide for Living a Fully Optimized Life has received 332 five-star reviews.

In this episode, Jay and I discuss:

  • What testosterone optimization therapy is (TOT)?
  • The difference between the ‘sick care’ model of medicine versus the ‘health optimization’ model?
  • The truth about therapeutic testosterone treatment.
  • Mindset techniques that will transform your perspective on life

This was a dynamic episode and I cannot recommend it enough.

Also, watch the full video episode here – YouTube Episode

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