March Madness

Blue Broken Link Showing Insecurity Weakness, disconnectionUnless you live under a rock or on another planet, you at least know that March Madness is happening. While I am not a huge college basketball fan, I absolutely love March Madness. I probably don’t love it for the same reason die hard fans love it, or team fanatics love it, but nonetheless, I love it.

Every college basketball team trains in some way throughout the year. Some train harder and in better programs but they still train. Some focus on specific areas while some take a broad approach. Some take days to rest while others never stop. But when March rolls around, something special happens. So what happens in March, and why do I love it?

I love March Madness because it’s more about heart than anything else. That’s why you see huge underdogs upset number one ranked teams. And you, as a business professional can do the same.

If you have been in business for any length of time (and don’t have an overinflated ego) you know that there are people out there that are better than you and have deeper pockets. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I speak to too many people that don’t want to admit this fact. Just deal with it. Allow it to drive your heart in ways that most people believe are impossible. Your heart is something nobody else can match. It’s something nobody else can take from you.

One college team will win the 2015 NCAA College Basketball Championship. It may be a big underdog. And even if it isn’t, think about how much farther some of those long shots will get? Maybe a lot more successful than anyone else thought because they put all their heart into it.

My challenge to you is to check your own heart. Hopefully you’ve put in the preparation for the big game and now it’s time to give it everything you have. So what will you put your heart into this week? What success will you achieve as a result of giving it your all?

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