My Top 5 Sales and Marketing Blogs

Top 5 Sales

Part of my daily routine is to spend time reading my top 5 sales and marketing blogs. These blogs cover a variety of topics, and I find they help me stay on the cutting edge of sales and marketing discussions. In order to serve as a thought leader in the sales industry, I need to know what the top sales leaders are discussing and the strategies they are employing.

  1. Sales Hacker –  This is a great starting place for B2B companies and sales reps. The Sales Hacker community is dedicated to presenting actionable and timely topics. I find their blogs to be interesting, and full of good advice. Blogs are typically written by individuals working in the sales and marketing sectors, so they tend to be relevant to my work. Don’t forget to check out their other resources!
  2. Sales Loft – One of the best highlights of this site is the Q&A series with top sales leaders. I find it insightful to hear from individuals doing similar work. I can read about different strategies and comment on their various approaches. Consider signing up for their newsletter to stay on top of their latest sales developments and leadership info.
  3. Digital Marketer – I am constantly impressed by the marketing blogs on this site. Each time I search for advice or strategies related to digital marketing, Digital Marketer seems to have just the thing. The site is operated by marketers who have their own products and services to sell and can highlight valuable and effective marketing techniques.
  4. HubSpot – While they are largely known for their sales and inbound marketing software, Hubspot has a great collection of blogs. I find the material easy to read, relevant and written by knowledgeable individuals. You’ll be able to find blogs about sales, marketing, agency, and even web design.
  5. Salesforce Blog – Salesforce is quickly establishing itself as one of the most influential sales brands. You’ll find real time information from their leading sales developers and great marketing tips from their extensive marketing team. In addition to sales and marketing, you can find information about small business and customer service practices.

How about you? What do you read on a daily/weekly basis? I could always use new, great reading material to improve my sales efforts!

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