Professional Sales Rant

Approximately two weeks ago, I set out to find a sales management trainer and/or coach for me. I am all about personal and professional development so when my boss asked if I’d like to find a trainer I jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately, it didn’t start out so well. Check out the screen shot below to see my rant.

This was a huge blessing in disguise. As the result of my LinkedIn post both on my own feed and in a sales group, I received a TON of great recommendations, responses, and connections. Check out all the responses!

While not every LinkedIn message I received was great, the majority were. This gave me confidence that there are a lot of great trainers and consultants out there. As a matter of fact, the first guy I spoke with, a gentleman by the name of Richard Harris, told me in the first 3 minutes that he wasn’t a good fit for me but spent the next 30 giving me advice and recommendations of others to call. Since then I have spoken to 6 other people that poured quite a bit into our conversation and I learned a lot.

Being on this side of the aisle (as a sales leader instead of a consultant myself as I once was) and having this experience has led me to start writing again. I am going to resurrect my blog and (hopefully) provide one or two articles a week that should be a help, and possibly encouragement, to other sales leaders like myself looking for as much support as they can get.

Oh, and I think I’ve narrowed my search down to two (or three). I’ll let you all know soon!

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