Pure Chat Sales Success Interview


The content of this post was created by Pure Chat and originally shared over at www.purechat.com. I was really blessed to share some sales secrets with them (audio at the bottom).


Recently we surveyed our customers to find out what they would like to see on our blog; and on top of wanting more Pure Chat tips (see our previous blog post for the first one of those!), many of you were also looking for ways to increase sales and improve your bottom line. So taking your feedback into account, we started brainstorming ways to bring you this content.

Of course our initial idea was the typical “5 Ways to do ______” blog post approach, but those are a little tried and frankly, aren’t that fun to write. So, with both of our best interests at heart, we began toying with the idea of a podcast for two reasons:

1. They’re more engaging. Rather than a static article, we’ll now be able to offer you an audio talk show, video-based interviews and a written transcript, so you can learn in whatever way appeals to you.

2. Instead of learning from one pundit (i.e.: the brilliant Pure Chat team), you’ll get to hear from a ton! Each episode will feature a different expert who has a unique core specialty, so you can start learning new things about every aspect of the marketing, customer service and sales pipelines.

Now without further adieu, feel free to check out our first episode with sales coach and 18-year industry veteran Ryan James Miller about improving your businesses’ sales process.


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