Staying True to Your Faith Despite Worldly Trials with Chris Hennessy

Welcome back to Authentic Conversations, where we’re continuing the conversation on how an individual’s own hurt, heartache, tragedy, and struggle has shaped them as a person and allowed them to see themselves for who they were created to be. 

In this episode, I’m joined by someone who has gone to battle in many ways and still wears scars from that battle, Chris Hennessy. He is the founder of HIP Productions, where he works with Christian coaches & entrepreneurs to showcase their God-given gifts through live streaming. He is also the prison ministry pastor for his church, where he is passionate about seeing the people in prison have changed lives so that they don’t go back. We’ve got so much to unpack in this episode, so listen in to hear Chris’ story unfold. 

We’ll get into:

  • Chris’ experience with the prison system that inspired him to help others
  • Rediscovering your faith and feeling God’s love again
  • Understanding why God may allow evil in our lives
  • Struggling with recovery and losing a loved one
  • The life-changing power of opening yourself up to God

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