Stop Doing What You’re Doing

We all face many distractions in our day-to-day life: our phones, the media, work gossip, personal conflicts, etc. It can be easy to start scrolling on our phones when we should be catching up at work. It isn’t hard to get caught up in our political climate instead of focusing on our own well-being. I see too many people get stuck because they’re too distracted to do the work it takes to move forward. Don’t let that be you! 

When you choose to put your energy towards outside factors and people, you throw away your physical and mental energy. Instead, invest that energy in activities and work that will benefit you in the long run. Getting caught in the endless loop of distraction will only leave you feeling burnt-out, unfulfilled, dissatisfied, and will cost you your success. 

Do you consider yourself easily distracted? Do you find yourself on your phone, watching TV, or talking to friends when you should be doing work? If so, let me share how to get out of that rut and get back into your groove. It’s possible to become “indistractable”… you just have to know your weaknesses. Here is how you can quit slacking and improve your performance in all areas of life! 

What does it mean to be “indistractable?”

Being “indistractable” doesn’t mean deleting Facebook, avoiding watching the news, or dedicating all your time to work. Being “indistractable” means you do your extracurricular activities and socializing on their own time. Instead of playing Candy Crush between meetings, or even answering a work call during family time, you save work for work and play for play. 

This doesn’t mean the two can’t coincide, but when something pulls you away from being present and productive from your true tasks, then it’s a problem. We live in a culture of over-production and constant distraction, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for us. Finding ways to manage your time and focus on the task at hand will present more fulfilling results. 

Why should you stop scrolling and get to work? 

Whether or not you realize it now, distraction keeps you stagnant. Without focus and intentionality, it’s impossible to align your goals with your life. Living with constant distraction makes your habits directionless and won’t lead you to the life you want in the future. 

In order to progress with your goals and attain the life you want, it takes commitment and presentness. Giving into distractions is a fleeting feeling of satisfaction that won’t serve you later in life. If you want to find success, you have to stop numbing your daily life with distractions. 

How can you get out of this endless loop of distraction?  

Ask yourself how easily distracted you are. Is distraction a daily problem for you? Has it taken over your life? Are you only distracted when you’re tired? Determine the problem, and decide if that thing is something that needs to be removed or approached differently. 

The first step to making change is to acknowledge your weaknesses and distractions. Narrow down the biggest distraction in your life and how you can approach minimizing that distraction. Write out what it is, then work to overcome it. For example, if it’s your phone, keep it in the other room while you work. If it’s a significant other, maybe set aside time to work independently at a coffee shop.

Next, determine the time of the day you work best. For some people, working in the afternoon is exhausting and they can’t produce their best work. If that’s you, try getting up earlier and achieving your tasks in the morning. If you work better at night, try doing your more important tasks later in the evening. FInd what works best for you and tackle the problem head on! 

Being distracted is something we all struggle with, but it shouldn’t take over your life. You have the power to take control of your life and enhance your performance! Stop letting trivial and aimless distractions rule your life: it’s time to get back in your groove.

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