Stop It, It’s Not Working

bang-head-hereImagine this: Your phone rings and upon answering the conversation goes something like this.

Caller – Hello my name is Bob and I’m calling from Caskets-R-Us.

You – Yes????

Caller – Well sir/ma’am, my company provides the very best in caskets and we know that you would be so happy with our product and service.

You – Who died?

Caller – Well sir, we will all die some day. And in order to remove the burden from someone close to you, you can pre-purchase your casket from us now.

You – Well I actually…..

Caller – I hate to interrupt you sir, but we have done research to determine that planning memorial services is one of the most challenging things to do for a loved one close to you and so we take that responsibility. In addition, we are running a special right now where instead of $999.99, you can buy one of our caskets for $499.99.So what do you say, wouldn’t you like to save someone else from the heart ache and save money in the process?

You – What I tried to say before you interrupted me was that I do not plan to be buried, I plan to be cremated. I have already taken care of everything so I am not interested in your service. Click………..

As sales people, we have all done this before. Maybe not the casket part, but we have all cold called a client that we just new would be perfect for our product/service. We did all our research ahead of time and they fit our demographic to a “t”. Only to find out that we had no chance of getting them from the get go.

Qualify every sales call immediately upon getting your prospect on the phone. Don’t waste your breath on calls or meetings that have no chance of getting you business. And if you continue to do so, you might as well use the target below.

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