Stop Walking In Someone Else’s Shoes

Strategies to Stop Living For Approval and To Start Living In Your Purpose

Life has a natural rhythm that rewards us for living in alignment. When we live in tune with our purpose and set habits that align with our natural being, we  access a flow state that provides peace and balance in our daily lives. When we’re out of tune, we live in chaos and try to force habits or goals that aren’t beneficial for us. 

What we call  “listening to your gut” is similar to the concept we like to call “living with discernment.” Living with discernment means making wise life choices or judgments. More often than not, we know what we need and what’s required of us in order to fulfill the roles we’re called to do. Whether that’s being a parent, an entrepreneur, a spouse, a friend, or simply a follower of Christ. 

When we choose to avoid the responsibilities necessary to fulfill those roles, we find ourselves lost, lacking discipline in our lives, and even failing in our current positions because we don’t put our energy in the right places. Unfortunately, you’ll never find success until you stop running from your identity and choose to embody the habits necessary to achieve those roles. 

Living in your “natural” identity as opposed to a forced facade is the only way to ever truly find happiness and success. Even those who do find “success” while living out of alignment are miserable… because they’re not staying true to their identities. Don’t let that be you! 

What Does it Look Like to Live Rhythmically? 

We see successful people everyday and want what they have. Most of us want the big house, white picket fence, beautiful family, vacation home by the beach, fancy cars, etc. However, those things often come at a cost. Just because someone has all of those things doesn’t mean they’re living in alignment or staying true to their purpose.

Many of those people are happy on the surface… and miserable underneath. Their children hate them, they’re overworked, and they feel morally compromised in their daily lives. To truly live in alignment, you have to create habits that support your foundation. Creating goals in line with your moral and personal values is the first step. Choosing to live in alignment with those values will bring you more favor, more success, and more peace in your day-to-day life.

Why is it Important? 

Living in line with your natural rhythm is necessary because living in a forced state will lead to burnout, frustration, failure, and grief. Living with a lack of discipline will keep you stagnant in your personal and professional life. Until you choose to create habits that align with your values, you’ll never see the possibilities in store for your life. 

Pay attention to the habits people who are living in their purpose create. They make choices to drive their success and motivation and fill their spirits on a day-to-day basis. When you’re driven by material success or the approval of other people, you’ll always find yourself empty and searching for more. 

How Can You Live a More Natural Life? 

Take a step back, and look at your daily habits. What’s one habit you naturally integrate into your life without thinking about it? Maybe you eat the same thing for breakfast everyday, go on a run in the evenings, or listen to a book on the way to work. Whatever that is, that habit is probably something that fills you up and brings you joy. When you’re living in your natural rhythm, everything you do should feel like that. Now, determine habits you have that don’t bring you that same sense of joy and ways you can redirect that energy. 

Now that you’ve determined what needs to change, prioritize the roles in your life that currently align with your values and goals. Identify what’s important to you, and create habits around those values. Maybe you already know what those priorities are but haven’t taken action. In order to live within your natural rhythm, you have to put action behind your values. Without doing so, you’ll never see the success you were created for! 

There’s no better time than now to make a change and start living the life you were made for. Take action and create habits that align with your goals, values, and vision you have for your life. The choice is yours!

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