The Biggest Problem Causing a Lack of Success

Biggest-ProblemWhy is it that some people succeed and others do not? There are a lot of schools of thought here (and unfortunately a lot of ignorant statements), but I’d like to suggest one overarching problem. What’s worse is that it is pretty easy to overcome if you want to.

Problem – SURPRISE, they don’t want it enough!

This isn’t necessarily an effort thing. If it was, Rudy would have won the Heisman Trophy. Effort is important, but more so that that is the deep desire to work hard on the things most people don’t want to. What is it that you don’t want to deal with/are too lazy to deal with/think is beneath you? I have run into a lot of business people that dodge the hard things and instead are looking for the easy way out (or up in this case). It’s possible to succeed through the easy way, but that possibility is just too slim to waste your time on.

I personally know a man that did some hard things to get what he really wanted. In his past life, he was a successful business owner who fell on extremely hard times. He went to work for a large local company as a delivery driver just trying to make ends meet and keep a roof over his head. He heard the night janitor position was open and decided to volunteer, knowing that the (little) extra money would help him finally get ahead. The CEO started to take notice of his hard work and willingness to do “anything” (this man always thought ethically first). Before long, he was given a position in the office. That led to a sales job, which led to the Vice President of Sales, making a solid six-figure income. While that was the Cliff Notes version of his story, I share it to demonstrate that the people who work hardest doing what others won’t are the ones that have the highest rate of success.

What don’t you want to do?

  • You HAVE to cold call (get help here).
  • You MUST regularly network with people (my weapon of choice is BNI).
  • You NEED to produce stellar content for your audience (or have this company do it for you).
  • And most of all, you are REQUIRED to get off your butt and meet people that will make your company successful (not just your friends).


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