The Money Mindset to Enjoy Life Now and Protect the Future with Robert Clark

Robert Clark is the Regional Vice President for Peterson International Underwriters. He partners with employee benefits producers to design and implement executive disability solutions for their high income earning clients.

During our time together, Robert shares the story of his father’s sudden passing and how that inspired him to enter the world of finance. We discuss the importance of living a great life now while creating a lifestyle that will last well into the future (and beyond for our dependents). And Robert explains his definition of the right and wrong money mindset.

Robert is an amazing guy and someone I personally respect more than most others in my life. He walks the things he talks and should be followed by everyone, everywhere.

Additional we chat:

  • Buying Range Rovers and big houses.
  • Why money is more important than we think.
  • The need to be charitable with our “stuff”
  • “Good investments”
  • and so much more

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