Turning the Life We’re Given Into the Life We Want with Collin Meeves

At face value, Collin Meeves is the head coach at Resolution Crossfit in Yorba Linda, CA. But there is far more than meets the eye.

In this episode, Collin and I definitely talked about Crossfit including what it takes to compete at an elite level, what coaches should really be doing, and the mentality in cheating. But there is so much more to Collin that most don’t know. We talked about the ways alcoholism and the loss of his father a few years ago shaped him as a man (and a new husband), how negative self-perception destroys us, the importance of practicing mindfulness and self-improvement, and a recent moment in which Collin brought an entire room full of people to tears (we both cried when we talked about it).

Check out this episode and then make sure to connect with Collin. He’s got a whole lot more to share so stay tuned!

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Instagram – @collin_meeves

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